Goblin Skulls & Shackles

The Wormwood Mutiny, part 5

Sneaksy, Tricksy, Murderers!

As Man’s Promise continued its course away from that ordered by the Wormwood’s captain, whispers circulated among the crew. Fishguts Kroop speculated that Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge could be taking Man’s Promise to Rickety Squibs, a dry dock used by pirates to refit their ships to change the lines and silhouettes. The only reason they’d be going against Captain Harrigan’s orders by going there was to set themselves up as independent pirates; Kroop thought they might be trying to make a name for themselves.

While it seemed reasonable to some of the other humans, the goblins weren’t convinced. They did know, however, whatever Mr. Plugg’s and Master Scourge’s purpose was, they still hated the goblins (the feeling was mutual). With a skeleton crew and no Wormwood in sight, it seemed the time to make some changes had come.

Brodo Faggins, Spack Jarrow, and Sandara Quinn moved around the crew as they slept, locked below decks, while Ent Cleastwood and Garagornne kept a sharp eye out. They spent the evening garnering support among the crew, killing two of the former Wormwood crew who seemed to support Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, or at least, who failed to show enthusiasm for replacing them.

Brodo Faggins picked the locks keeping them in the hold and sneaked up to the main deck. The rest of the crew were asleep as Man’s Promise drifted. With a skeleton crew, there weren’t enough to spread around to multiple shifts. Brodo, Garagornne, and Ent sneaked into the Captain’s cabin while Spack Jarrow and the rest of the loyal crew waited for the signal.

Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge were both asleep, confident in the locks’ ability to keep the crew where they put them. Mr. Plugg was the first to learn the folly of his ways as Brodo opened his throat. So swift was Brodo’s attack, Master Scourge’s sleep was not disturbed. He too, fell to a blade in the dark.

After seeing how quickly and easily the two feared men were dispatched, the former Wormwood crew had no heart for a fight. The goblins had already shown themselves to be as treacherous and vicious as any black-hearted pirate on Golarion’s seas, anyway. The Man’s Promise now sailed under a new captain, Captain Spack Jarrow. Brodo Faggins was made 1st Mate, Ent Cleastwood was 2nd Mate. Garagornne was appointed to be the new Bo’sun, and Shahn Dook Pizzard would be the Bo’sun’s mate.

Fishguts Kroop approached his new captain with the suggestion that perhaps they take Mr. Plugg’s & Master Scourge’s plan to heart and sail for Rickety Squibs. Captain Harrigan would know the lines of his prize ship, so if the goblins wanted to keep her, they would need a refit…


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