Goblin Skulls & Shackles

Raiders of the Fever Sea, part 3

Piracy on the High Seas!

The Sea Spite sailed forth from Rickety Squibs and set about looking for ships to chase down and plunder. A few days of empty seas brought sails on the horizon. The Sea Spite gave chase and eventually the two ships met to parlay.

Mermaid’s Disgrace was her name, captained by a hulking minotaur, Captain Belkul Bloodsword. He had heard stories of the Licktoad Pirates and said he had no quarrel with them. Captain Bloodsword felt they were like kin, both crews persecuted and hated by the human captains of The Shackles.

Sea Spite and Mermaid’s Disgrace parted ways, and though the encounter netted no plunder for the Licktoad Pirates, they gained something possibly more valuable: an ally.

For several more days they sailed, scanning the horizon for sails until they found another. Giving chase, they ran the other ship down. It was an Absalom barque, Truewind, and looked ripe for the picking. The barque ineffectively fired their ranged weapons at the Sea Spite as the Licktoad Pirates closed the distance between them.

Once the battle was joined, the Licktoad Pirates put the training they had at the hands of the Wormwood crew to good use and assaulted the Truewind. In the end, Captain Spack Jarrow and the Licktoad Pirates were victorious, and had their first plunder!


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